5 Home-Staging Tips That Homebuyers Will Love

5 Home-Staging Tips That Homebuyers Will Love

When putting your house up on the market, you must consider several factors before showing your home to potential buyers. Home staging aims to make your home as presentable as possible to impress potential buyers who would be touring your home. Here are some tips to help you make your house more appealing to potential buyers and make your home more marketable.

Be Imaginative

When staging your home, imagine yourself in your buyer’s shoes. Shifting your perspective gives you an image of what the buyers will find appealing and what aspect of your house will impress them.  This will allow you to place your furniture in such a way that it will create a welcoming atmosphere for them, allowing them to get comfortable.

Curb Appeal

When potential buyers are touring your home, they will first see the exterior and entrance of your house. This is why you should take some time to thoroughly clean your exterior and make it presentable, which would also increase the marketability of your home. Adding greenery and flowers around your entrance can significantly improve the curb appeal and make your home stand out when buyers come to tour it.

Pay Attention to Odour

What scent and how much of it your house gives is also essential when setting up your home. You do not want to overwhelm potential buyers by flooding your house with incense and scented candles. Careful placement of candles or incense can mean a lot when setting up your home so as not to create an overpowering scent throughout your home and create a welcoming atmosphere for your buyers.

Brightness Matters

It is observed that houses with painted walls that give a bright hue are more inviting than houses with dark paint all over them. In addition to that, it is encouraged to let as much natural light as possible into your home, as it provides your home with a significant boost to aesthetics as well.

Hygiene Is Key

Whether your staged home is furnished or empty, keeping it tidy is very important. Make sure to remove cobwebs from every nook and cranny of your house.


When putting up your house, these are just some things you must look out for to make your home presentable and stand out above the rest. Contact us for more information now!

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