5 Important Questions to Ask When Touring a Home

Choosing the right home is a lot of work. To make viewings easier, it helps to come up with a list of important questions. Once you get these details about each property that you tour you can build out an effective list to compare all options. 


Who should you bring when you view a home?

First off, your real estate agent should always be present at any property you view so that they can get an understanding of your likes and dislikes of the home. They will also be there to answer the questions that the homeowner doesn’t know.


If you have a spouse or partner, they should attend a viewing. You may decide to go alone to the first selections your real estate agent shows you, it is always a good idea to bring someone along to all options – even the not-so-favorites. Though it seems like it would save time by eliminating homes before showing others, seeing these poor fits can help spark important conversations with your partner about what you want in a home. For that reason, it’s ideal for both of you to look at every option.


What to ask when you view a home?

You may have more lifestyle-specific questions to ask about a property, but these are a good start to give you a basic understanding of the home and what you are buying into:


1. Why is the seller moving?

A seller who is leaving the area for a job is one thing, but someone who doesn’t get along with the neighbor or found an issue with the property is important to know. 


2. What comes with the property?

Sometimes certain fixtures like faucets and built-in closets stay in the home, but you can always ask to make sure. Appliances, chandeliers, drapes, and outdoor sheds or play structures sometimes are taken with the sale of the house. 


3. How old is the roof?

Replacing the roof is a big expense and one that people often avoid by moving out early. A roof in need of repair could also be a problem, and you may have to negotiate with the seller to replace it.


4. How efficient are the heating and cooling system?

While visiting the home, you’ll want to find out more about how the home is heated and cooled and whether repairing or replacing that system will be an immediate concern.


5. Are there any specific problems with the house?

Even though the seller may not legally have to reveal information about the home, many will. They don’t want you to get to the inspection stage and back out of the sale. Ask and listen carefully about any specific problems with the home. 


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