DIY Decorating Tips For This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner; the excitement is spreading! It’s never too early or late to start decorating for this year. Planning can make it easier and less stressful during the peak of the holiday season, but you can still make your home festive last minute!

Here are some of our ideas:


Decorate the front door.

One of the best ways to spice up your home and greet your guests this season is with a festive-looking front door. You can utilize things like Christmas tree branches, wreaths, pumpkins, and ribbon to make a lovely arch for the entrance. You can even add some fall flowers or squash to spice it up. It can be simple or more ornate, depending on how much time and effort you’ll be willing to dedicate.


Add cheer to your staircase.

You can’t ignore the staircase – especially if it is the first thing guests see when entering your home. It’s a huge opportunity to add festive cheer to your house without exerting too much time and energy. Use branches, lights, and even ribbons to decorate the guardrails and the finials. Once the nighttime rolls around, flick the string lights on, and it will make your home look magical!


Cozy Up a Bench.

If you have a mudroom or space in your home in the entryway that is a designated drop-zone for bags, coats, and shoes? Take this as the opportunity to spice it up with layers: Choose a textile or two – think blankets and throws – and top off that pile with a plush and seasonal pillow.


Deck the windows.

Your windows are an excellent opportunity to give passersby a glimpse into your beautiful home. Do you have extra ornaments for which you don’t have room on the tree? What about tea lights that don’t belong tucked in a corner? Hang Christmas balls and wreaths, and add those tea lights to each window. Your home will be the best looking on the block.

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