Downsizing Your Home

There are so many reasons that homeowners decide to downsize. Your children grow up, head off to college, and eventually move out. Sometimes homeowners need less space; some want to retire to a new area. Some just may not want to deal with maintaining a large property.

Living in a space for a long time and having your children grow up in a space, it can be difficult to cut back. Let’s face it; if you had a large home, you probably found a way to fill it with stuff. You may think that a smaller space won’t work for you, but there are tons of benefits to downsizing.

Benefits to Downsizing

Oftentimes, small homes offer tons of benefits; more space isn’t always better. Downsizing is addition by subtraction; you gain freedom by not having unnecessary space and possessions to fill the space. 

There is no: 

  • Cleaning rooms that are rarely used
  • Spending money to cool and heat rooms that aren’t used
  • Wasting your weekend mornings doing yard maintenance for hours
  • Buying needless things to fill your large space

If you’re worried about the transition to a smaller home, take note of how much you use each room in your home. Do you spend time in the same couple of rooms and neglect others? Is your home becoming a storage unit that secondarily serves as shelter? You’re probably due for a downsize. 

Develop a Plan to Downsize

Sit down and start to make a list of must-have features that you’d want in your downsized home. For example, you may need a single level home or close proximity to restaurants or grocery stores.

When it comes time to clear away the clutter from your home, start with storage areas like your attic and basement first; items here are probably already ready or close to ready to move. From there, head to the less frequented rooms and begin sorting things to donate, sell, or get rid of. 

Give yourself enough time to downsize properly. You don’t want to rush into a home that doesn’t fit your needs or accidentally give away possessions that are important to you. Start small and make incremental progress, and before you know it, your home will be ready to sell. 

Decide which items you want to bring with you to your next home and ask family members for help. Oftentimes, you can find a new home for an item with family rather than selling it online. 

Downsizing doesn’t have to be an overnight process. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Take your time and address any requirements you have for your new space. When it’s time to sell your home, work with a trusted agent. Bergen Realty Team is here to assist Oradell, Emerson, and River Edge residents with our award-winning services.