Home Features that Home Buyers are Looking for in 2022

Home Features that Home Buyers are Looking for in 2022

Those who intend to sell their homes are often hesitant to make major renovations or upgrades to their home before a sale. The updates need to have a positive return on investment and project costs can often add up quickly. You don’t always need to undertake huge renovations to make considerable upgrades to your home. Plus you can enjoy the improvements in the meantime and help accentuate their value when the time comes to list your home. Consider these features below to help your home stand out to potential buyers.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have been one of the top features that buyers seek for generations now. It is easy to clean, versatile, and gives the room a neat look. Refinishing your floors if needed is a terrific project that every potential buyer will notice.

Exterior Lighting

Next up, exterior lighting is a practical feature. It helps increase the safety of your home but also helps a great deal if buyers drive by during the evening. Efficient, reliable outdoor lighting should be a priority for sellers so all walkways and entryways are well lit.

Granite Countertops and Modern Appliances

A full-on kitchen renovation can be quite costly to do all at once. Luckily, you can do it in stages. New countertops can make an entire kitchen feel new and granite has been a popular choice for decades now. Upgrading the range, refrigerator, and other appliances over the course of months will likely improve your quality of life. These updates are relatively affordable and can lead to some impressive offers.

Smart Tech & Efficiency

Homebuyers of all ages love technology to make their day-to-day lives easier and now they want it integrated into the home. Smart thermostats and lighting are affordable and easy to set up. Efficient windows are also a coveted feature of buyers as well.

Don’t Neglect the Outdoors

If your home doesn’t look nice (and well-lit) from the outside, you may not have the chance to impress buyers with your interior upgrades. Curb appeal is a crucial part of selling your home, it’s typically the first impression that buyers get. The home should look inviting and maintained at the very least. More home buyers than ever are focused on outdoor living spaces, so this is another great way to improve your home. Re-stain your deck to protect it and make it shine so buyers can envision themselves living in the space.


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