How To Maximize Profit When Selling Your House

When selling one’s home, one always wants to make the most profit. While there is no fixed way of making the most profit out of a property deal, the following are some factors that can help you maximize the profit when selling your house: 


Timing of Sale

As most people want to move in during warmer times when the kids are off from school, spring is the most appropriate time for buying. One should also consider the selling time when they have no other expenses to cover, such as bills and expenses. Your personal preferences should also be distinct from selling your house, such as changing your job, a personal commitment, or any other cost. This can significantly impact your profit and the financial gain you receive. 


Local Market

If there are more houses in the market and fewer buyers, you will get to sell your home at a lower price. While if there are fewer houses and more buyers in the market, you are more likely to get a reasonable price for your house, and it can gain you a good profit. It is better to see the market trend before putting up your home for sale and checking the Days on the Market list to see the movement and suggested price you can get for your deal. 


Accumulated Cost of Selling

As the selling agents take a commission from the overall selling price of your house, if you accumulate all the other charges as well, the total cost can get close to 10% of the actual selling price of your home. People often need to remember to accumulate the overall charges such as renovation, repairs, maintenance, closing costs, commissions, overlapping, and moving expenses. Although it is difficult to manage and control all the costs mentioned above, there are still ways to reduce your selling commissions to the agents and the negotiated price of your property. 


Setting the Right Price

Setting up an unrealistic and unapproachable price for your house can lead you to decline or decrease the offer afterward. It may also have your property wait longer on the list, which can directly lower the value and significance of your deal. Set a realistic and just price right at the beginning to avoid delays or unprofitable amounts when you sell your house. 


Added Value Through Minor Renovations

Renovations and added features vary from location to location and market to market. Some places require added pools or terrace settings to the house, while others only require a well-furnished kitchen and bathroom. Making necessary but minor renovations to your home before selling it can significantly enhance and increase your property’s value and land you an outstanding profitable amount.


The Medium Through You Sell

Selling your house calls for three main mediums. One is marketing through an agent and giving him a commission afterward. The second way is to sell your home on your own through the sale-by-owner process, where you take up all the responsibility yourself, but you still might have to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent in some cases. A third way is to sell your house to an iBuyer, who will purchase your home independently and sell it to another buyer. Whatever option you opt for can significantly affect your profit and commission payments. 


Fair Price vs. Higher Price

Most people go for a higher price that contains a whole list of obligations and contingencies. These deals can quickly get canceled due to needing to fulfill any contingencies or clauses mentioned in the agreement. Rather than going for a higher price with so many clauses, one should go for a fairer price with fewer issues and clauses to make the most profit out of the deal.


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Many factors, directly and indirectly, affect the profit you make when you sell your house. However, consider the abovementioned factors if you want to maximize the profit when selling your home. Contact Bergen Realty Team if you want to get the best deal while selling your house. 

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